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Jake Pfohl and Raymund Acayan are the founders and proprietors of Ports of Call Bistro.

Jake grew up in and around Buffalo, New York, and later attended New York University in New York City. After University, Jake was drawn to join World Education, a global non-profit, based in New York City. Jake’s mentor was an accomplished Educator who hailed from India. Jake continued in his international career in, largely in non-profit community development and public health, for the next 35 years. Jake worked extensively in countries of South Asia, especially Bangladesh, Nepal, India and Sri-Lanka, but also worked in other parts of Asia, Africa and Latin America, touching at least 56 countries and their Ports of Call. Jake met fellow Americans along the way when abroad, some of whom hailed from the South, and noted their warmth and hospitality. While keeping a base in New York City, Jake also absorbed the city’s ethnic restaurants and bistros, and worked as a VP in an organization that focused on bringing healthier foods to low-income communities in New York’s City’s five boroughs. One of Jake’s college friends invited him to visit Southport in 2005, and that gave birth to the idea of moving to Southport after feeling drawn to the community.

After high school, Ray moved initially from the Philippines to live with his grandfather in Hampton, Virginia, who was working as the City Physician of Newport News. Ray began community college there and later joined the rest of his family in New York City, where he earned his degree in Economics at Hunter College. Ray worked at a variety of financial institutions as an accountant, including the Federal Home Loan Bank in New York. Ray’s amazing family includes six energetic sisters who we call the “Six Marias”, as his Mom and aunts all share that name. Ray’s Filipino family often met as a large group, and always had a table full of foods with the exciting flavors of Filipino food.

Ray visited Southport with Jake in 2005 and they both moved here in 2008. They admired not only the physical beauty of the place, but also the sense of history and local culture that abounds here. They thought about starting a business in Southport based on the inspiration of all the cafes and bistros in their neighborhood of the Village in New York City. They were always inspired by the range and joy of cuisines from around the world and the people and cultures they represent. They studied the market in Southport and the idea expanded from a bakery/café to a full service restaurant. When space and talent came together, they took on the task of converting the original Maritime Museum site to a stylish restaurant with an international decor, and launched Ports of Call in the summer of 2011. To read more about the concept behind the formation of the bistro, please read this article prepared by Jake in 2011 which explains the philosophy more. Although the focus has changed from Mediterranean to an authentic world menu, much of the precepts remain the same toda.

Since then, both have worked hard to establish Ports of Call Bistro as an institution in Southport. Jake and Ray continue their daily celebrations of world food and culture at Ports of Call, while also appreciating and building on local food resources and culture. ‘Think globally and act locally’, as the saying goes! Jake and Ray hope that Ports of Call inspires an spirit of culinary discovery among its guests, that all of Southport’s natives and visitors will discover the World’s Ports of Call on their Plate.

116 N Howe Street
Southport NC 28461


Tuesday- Saturday Lunch: 11:30 am – 3:00 pm
Tuesday- Saturday Dinner: 5:00 pm – Closing
Open for Sunday Brunch: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm

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